Intimate Intersection; “A Journey Home”

The first time I let photography guide my heart, the gap between my most intimate emotions and what I was unconsciously photographing narrowed. Landscape became the vehicle and the door to my self discovery. This is the beginning of my own personal awakening.

As this sense of destiny is brought to the forefront, I recognize the rhythm and contradictions of life. As I travel through the Italian countryside a series of photographs, for the first time, become a complete thought. And tell a story. Italy describes the parts of my personality I understand. This place is refined, elegant and familiar. Italy is also evocative and sensual. I am made aware of her rhythm by a row of cypress trees. Therefore, personal expression and self discovery are safe and protected in this place.

In my travels to Wyoming an intimidation experience illuminates a personal contradiction. The size majesty and sacredness of the Tetons provokes a visceral reaction. This place is wild, dangerous and powerful. It is unrefined and unapproachable. However, at the same time, I am filled with a sense of freedom that gives me an insight into the allure of the West. I want to discover what is on the other side of these mountains. There is an order that exist within the nature of this place that looks as planned as a man-made wall. Through this experience I am freed from my past and a mystery is reveled.

The visual link between Italy and Wyoming is ancient and sacred. Drama and isolation exist in both places but it is the contrast that makes them interesting. It is the yin and yang or the male and the female aspects that are fascination. And this contradiction is a complex force of growth. Italy’s lesson taught me to embrace who I am. Wyoming’s lesson taught me to face my fears.

I am grateful for this unexpected gift and realize the effort and the price. This acknowledgement has brought me grace and a sense of returning home. A home so permanent it exist within my soul. Every seemingly mundane encounter proves to be important. I catch a glimpse of an invitation for joy. Thus the discipline of trust and gratitude reveals the journey was worth every moment.

©Maria Bevilacqua 2016